Located in Central Africa at the bottom of the Gulf of Guinea , Cameroon is a republic with great tourism potential.


Its geographical and cultural diversity has earned him the nick name of Africa in miniature.

Crossroads of art and African culture, Cameroon has more than two hundred ethnic groups, which make the rich artistic and cultural heritage.

North, you will find the steppe, almost desert and savannah which houses one of the most diverse populations of African animals , high wet mountains , tropical forests of the south, plateaus and volcanic mountains central and west also will reveal their wonders.

The temperature of the country varies between 20° and 45°, depending on the region. The climate is humid in the center, East and the South. Temperate to the whest and desert to the north.

Cameroon was discovered in 1472 by the portugese Fernando Po. He named it Camaroes because of the abundance of shrimp countained in its waters.

When yhe country passes under german protectorate, its nam changed for Kamerun. It becomes Cameroun, a franco-british colony when Germany loses its territory at the end of the second world war.

The country is independant since 1st january 1960, with Yaounde as capital.

The two main towns of the country are Yaounde and Douala.

  • Yaounde is the political capital, with its ministries, embassies or other national and international organisations.
  • Douala is the town of business with its privates companies and its port. It's the economic capital.

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