The cocoa road

You all know cocoa in your kitchens, at your table.

Today, we find cocoa even in the bath room, but do you know where its comes from?

We will tell you the cocoa path, from the field to your home.

At first, seeds are planting in the nursery to make seedlings

cocoa nursery

Young plants are then planted in the field, where its become small trees, measuring about 4 to 8 m on which will grow fruits called pods.

cocoa field

The cocoa flower; So beautiful! not surprising that it becomes a yummy fruit.

cocoa flower

In a field in the village cocoa pods are still unripe, but already promising a good harvest.

unriped pods

Ripe pods are picked 

cocoa harvest

Cocoa harvest

cocoa harvest

Pods are opened to release the precious seeds


The fresh seed are surrounded by a pulp. The taste of that pulp is creamy and very délicious.

fèves de cacao fraiches

Fresh cocoa seeds ready to leave the field for the village

fresh cocoa seeds

Then they are dried

cocoa driying

Dried seeds lost their pulp and their creamy taste for a bitter one.

dried cocoa seeds

They are packed in the bags

cocoa bag

Then transported as well they can in the city where seeds will be dissected in large machines to release the bean

cocoa transport for the town

The cocoa bean are then exported to Europe or non cococa producing countries

boat with cocoa

Where they are crushed to become cocoa powder which will be transformed in different product...

cocoa powder

like piece of chocolat


Or chocolat cake

chocolate cake

Even cosmetics products

cocoa cosmetic