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Marketing and Communication Manager
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I am at your disposal to answer all your questions and give you additional information about our offers. 
Don't hesitate to contact me. +33 652 890 824 

Tourist guide center region
Total immersion

I take you to dicover Yaounde, even the one unknown to tourists. You will melt into the mass to well discover and share the cameroonian daily life.
If you prefere the quit of a small village with clay huts, i will be please to take you to my village and make you live a real beautiful village exprience. 

Tourist guide west region
Be ready to climb hard!

I will take you to the assault of the montanous massifsto meet the people of the mountains. You will tease the slopes of the Mount Cameroon and walk the kilometers of the tea road which is surrounded by colonial buildings. You will then follow the route of the slaves until the place of their embarkation on ships. 
You will recover from all these emotions while lounging on the beaches of black sand of the city at Victotia, renamed Limbe after the independance of Cameroon 

Tourist guide South-West region
The ocean is my second home

I will take you to the discovery of the ocean and the people who leave along its bank or in the forest. You will love to tast the fish and the shrimps, freshly caught and grilled the spot while basking in the sun

Tourist guide Coast region
The coast is my oyster

The coast region will no longer have a secret for you. I will make you discover Douala and its islands, not to mention the small villages of this region surrounded by the river Wouri.