Useful information

Are you planning to visit Cameroon soon?

Here are some useful informations to prepare your trip


People of certain countries like France must show a visa to enter un Cameroon.

The Visa application is made at the embassy of Cameroon in Paris. You will need to provide among other things a certificate of accomodation or an hotel reservation, a flight ticket and arm yourself with patience because wating at the embassy is most of the time very long.


Yellow fever vaccin is mandatory, we recommand the vaccin against typhoid.

Consider having an intestinal desinfectant prescription. This is not madatory at all, but it will be a shame to arrive in Cameroon and not be abble to taste local fruits, or enjoy soja! (grilled meat of ox. Usually grilled and sold at the sidewalks).

  • Wash your hands thoroughly beafore each meal.
  • Do not touch the animals you meet, even pets.
  • Do not consume drugs purchased on the street.
  • It is very recommanded to have preventive treatment of malaria before the travel.A
  • void drinking tape water. Prefer bottle water


Avoid taxiing at night, unless if that one is espacially recommanded to you. Risk of aggression


it is forbidden to photograph military sites, public buildings like ministries.

Avoid photographing people without their consent. especially in the big towns like Youande or Douala. In any case, ask your guide.

Sexuality is almost a tabou in Cameroon.

A couple can walk hand in hand. Neverthless, avoid the great outbursts of tenderness like long kisses. A small kiss on the lip will not cause any trouble.

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