The Mount Manengouba

The mountain is surrounded by the rainforest, where live shepherds named Mbororros. The higher you clilmb, the more zou are dazzled by the beauty of the vast green expanses as far as the eye can see.
8 days / 7 nights


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The Mount Manengouba

After the visit of Ekom kan falls, we head to Mbouroujou where we the mount Manengouba with its 2411m of altitude are waiting for us.
You probably think "2411 m is easy" it's 2411 m of steep slope to climb in a tropical heat or rain. Its change the deal.
We welcomed the short break at the first Mborroro's village. We will have a little break before continue our climbing.

mborroro's village

On our way to the summit we meet one of the teachers of the mountain school who invites us kindly to visit the small school. i'm amazed by the deprivation in which children are doing classes, and impressed to know that the school has good success rate in national exams.

We finally arrive at the top, exhausted, but the time is not yet at rest. It is necessary to install the camp before the night. Althought Mount Manengouba is lower than the Mount Cameroon, the night at the sommit was as fresh. Looking away, i sweep the darkness in vain, hoping to distinguish in the distance the lights of the lamps from huts of the second Mborroro's village. it's in only 3 hours walk from here.

The stay in the fishing village was just a rewerding, and a especially relaxing. fishing, beach talks arround the fire and night lulled by the waves...all the t needed to make my poor legs battered by Manengouba steep slopes come a live again.

Included in this offer:

  • The round trip transfert airport to hotel
  • The round trip transport to different places of activities.
  • Half board accomodation in douala, full board at the Mount Manenguba and in the fisher's village (4 days)
  • A dinner in one of the lovely place of Douala
  • Homestay in the fisher village
  • Tourist tax